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Learn more about the age-specific groups into which we divide our campers, and what to expect for people of all ages.


Couples and singles, with and without children, are welcome to attend MUUSA. After morning celebration, adults can enjoy a variety of workshop and recreational activities while children are in their programs. Workshops are held every day and last just under two hours. Choose from spiritual topics, crafts, music, dance or outdoor activities. For more information, use the Contact Us form above.

Young Adult

A special welcome to and from the MUUSA Young Adult program! We are an awesome collection of UUs, ages 18-35, who plan our own late-night worships, go for paintball, lead workshops, and hang out! There will be YA-specific space in the McNutt dorms, including common areas (no alcohol allowed!).

For more information about the YA program, or if you have an idea you would like to share, use the Contact Us form above.

Burt Senior High

Entering 10th, 11th or 12th grades

In our Sr. High program, which we call "Burt," we create a community where we love and support everyone no matter what, where we become courageous and responsible, discover ourselves, make life-long friends, and have a ton of fun. We do this through required and optional activities such as daily small groups, nightly youth-led worship, and much more. "Burtoids" will live together in the McNutt dorms. Each year we delve into how UU principles can guide us to make a positive difference in the world around us. For more information, use the Contact Us form above.

Meyer Junior High

Entering 7th, 8th or 9th grades

In the Junior High Program or, "Meyer," junior highers will live together in the McNutt dorms with their hardworking counselors who create a safe place for sharing, learning their own boundaries and building a fantastic community. Our young teens participate in team-building initiatives, mystery solving, pun-offs, games, dancing, and workshops focused on creating change and growth, personally and community wide. All Meyer activities are designed to support emotional and spiritual growth, and empower junior high youth. We are also sure to have plenty of fun, like it’s a vacation or something! For more information, use the Contact Us form above.

Cratty Elementary

Our experienced staff facilitates teambuilding games, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, religious education, and much more. School age children are divided into groups based on their age at camp: 6 & 7-year-olds; 8 & 9-year-olds; and 10+ years. Each group will engage in a wide range of activities that are suited to their age, with an emphasis on combining traditional camp fun with UU themes. Different learning styles and personalities of children are considered so no one feels left out or bored. Lifelong camp experiences start here! Use the Contact Us form above for questions. Please contact us if your child needs special accommodations to fully participate in the program.

Lumens Early Childhood

Our attentive, caring nursery staff provides a safe and fun environment for our infants. Is your child past naptime? No problem: 4 & 5-year-olds enjoy crafts and a wide range of indoor and outdoor fun and educational activities. For more information, use the Contact Us form above for questions.