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Dear MUUSA friends,

Hello Fellow Campers,

After much deliberation and without a guarantee that vaccinations will be widely available before July, the MUUSA Planning Council has elected to again hold camp virtually in 2021. We really wanted to make it happen this year, but we can't risk even one camper getting sick if we can avoid it.

This is difficult, knowing how much we all miss our camp community, but we believe it is the safest decision. On a positive note, we just confirmed that Trout Lodge will allow us to roll our 2021 deposit (rolled from 2020) to 2022. So we can look forward to all being together again, in person, in 2022.

Our APC is hard at work designing virtual programming for 2021. With more time to plan, and the success of Mini MUUSA 2020, you're in store for an even bigger week of programming! Of note, the first day of our traditional week will be July 4 this year, so we may be altering dates. We will be sending out a virtual brochure and more information early next year.

With 2022 on the horizon and our deposit held by Trout Lodge for that year, we hope to hold all your paid-in deposits another year. If that puts you in a difficult position, please reply to this email and we'll work out a refund.

With gratitude,

MUUSA Planning Council

Help Zoomsa
Even though MUUSA 2021 was cancelled, we still incurred a range of expenses for the year, but no revenue to offset them. If you're enjoying Zoomsa, please consider a donation.
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Web Brochure

The easiest way to learn all about MUUSA is to read the brochure, put out by our Planning Council. It has it all: workshop descriptions, daily schdules, frequently asked questions, and more.

Take a look

Thank you for your patience during these trying times.

Loriana Stucker, moving in for the week


Couples and singles, with and without children, can enjoy a variety of workshop and recreational activities while children are in programs with others near their own age, building friendships that will last well beyond the week of camp.

Program Descriptions
Jay Warner, during a photography workshop


Workshops offer opportunities for learning, personal growth, and fun. They are an excellent way to get to know other campers in a small group setting and to benefit from the wonderful talents, skills, and insights the workshop leaders have to offer.

Workshop List
Chalice tattoo

Morning Celebrations

Each morning, Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout will lead a multi-generational service on the theme topic. Services include children's stories and choral music from the Awesome Choir, led by Pam Blevins Hinkle and accompanied by Bonnie Ettinger.

Guest Speaker Biographies

Quotes from the Community

" I love that I started the week not knowing anyone except my children, but ended the week with lifelong friends. "

Geeta P.

- Colorado Springs, CO

" MUUSA is a true community for building meaningful friendships-- as well as a low stress family vacation where you are not always reaching for your wallet. "

Roger E.

- Atlanta, GA

" MUUSA gives me a space to deepen family bonds and recharge connections with my inner humanity. "

Greg R.

- Chicago, IL